Shiest Bubz

Living life like everyday is a birthday is all in a days work for Upper West Side NY native Shiest Bubz, who founded in 2010. His style and visionary outlook landed him in position to launch his first Record label Purple City Entertainment in 2003, where he played dual roles as CEO and artist of the company and sold over 100,000 copies of his 1st independent release, also reaching billboard status.

Shiest Bubz has helped to create career-defining hits for artists. Respected beyond the genres of urban and hip hop music, Shiest Bubz, whose musical influences cross cultural lines, has also been sought by diverse superstars, whose music similarly knows no boundaries. Over the years Shiest Bubz has worked with various recording artists from major and independent labels, Quickly moving around this veteran Circle on various prestigious and exclusive levels. While learning the Business of music, which has proved to be a priceless process, Shiest Bubz has developed many talents & insights. Shiest Bubz also travels nation-wide, hosting tours and celebrity events. He also has a clothing Brand PSG which is distributed world-wide. Moving forward Shiest Bubz continues to master the art of music & entertainment and takes pride in his success at staying ahead of the curve with originality and experimentation.

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