Moreno ITF

New York City based artist Moreno itf has been making waves in NYC’s Latin Hip-Hop scene, continuing to captivate listeners with his latest release, “Penko”. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in The Bronx, Moreno itf’s multicultural experiences alongside the hardships that he faced as he grew up have heavilt influenced his sound. His success over the past few years has led to collaborations with other popular local artists including Nelly Nellz, Dowba Montana, and Kapuchino, but is most well known for his 2020 track “Kendall” that really struck a chord with fans of Latin Drill. 

“Penko” is his second track of 2021, featuring fellow Latin artist Yung Sarria and showcasing more of Moreno itf’s signature Latin Drill sound. Incredibly hard hitting and relentless, the track jumps back and forth between exciting flows and a powerful hook, driving the track’s seemingly insatiable hunger and energy. For listeners who are looking for up and coming artists at the forefront of the Latin Drill sound, Moreno itf is definitely worth keeping an eye on for the rest of the year.

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