Marco Plus

Atlanta is known for the plethora of talent that comes out of the woodworks every year, and one of the latest artists on the rise is Marco Plus.

Marco Plus is an artist whose definitive lyricism and conscious delivery make him stand out like a sore thumb. In Marco's latest release, "20K", he raps over a smooth, transcendent beat. Marco's ability to deliver nothing but confidence on the track while displaying his rhyming skills is awe-inspiring. Within the song, you can hear Marco switching from a mono-rhyme to an alternative rhyme scheme frequently. Marco's tone with his ability to create meaningful and catchy lyrics about his life makes this artist distinctive. Be sure to check out the track below.

Marco has this talent that has also been attributed to catching the eye and landing him in other music publications such as Lyrical Lemonade, Genius, Elevator Magazine, and Early Rising.

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