Ken Carson

Atlanta rapper Ken Car$on took his time developing his style before letting the public know about his slippery, Auto-Tuned bars and effortless production. He worked on music through his early teens, getting advice from established rap presences like producer TM88 and Playboi Carti . Car$on issued his first singles in 2018 and signed on with Carti 's Interscope -affiliated label OPIUM Records for the release of his 2021 full-length debut, Project X.

Ken Car$on grew up on the southside of Atlanta and was making his own beats and rapping as early as age 13. His childhood friend TM88 would go on to be a notable producer, and the two exchanged notes and ideas often early on in life. He worked on tracks with TM88 for years without releasing anything publicly or even establishing any kind of social media presence. In 2018, however, Car$on began talking with Playboi Carti , who saw potential in the young rapper and encouraged him to share his music. In 2019, Carti signed Car$on to his OPIUM Records imprint and began releasing some of the music Car$on had been stockpiling over the years. Throughout 2020, he released two EPs, Boy Barbie and Teen X, the latter of which featured the song "Yale," a track that generated millions of streams and was one of Car$on's biggest up to that point. He spent time during the quarantine of the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic writing and recording music daily, which culminated in releases like the Lost Files 2 mixtape, an expanded version of Teen X (Teen X: Relapsed), and his first full-length release, Project X, all of which materialized in 2021. Project X saw Car$on evolving as both a lyricist and a performer, bringing more elements of storytelling and melodic nuance into his style. He continued releasing new music in 2022 with his single "Teen Bean."

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